The Beginning

As I’m typing the first official post to this blog I am finding myself nervous about the process. It is nerve-wracking as you set up and start to develop a blog and wonder if this will be read, if anyone will care, or if I will be successful in getting my ideas, passions, and thoughts across eloquently. It is especially fear inducing to put your heart into your work and throw it out into the 4th realm of life that is a blogosphere and wait and see what happens.

Blogging is something that I am very new to and I’m excited to set off on this writing and learning adventure. I’m expecting challenges and struggles; frustrations and surprises; and most of all change. That doesn’t sound too grand does it?

The world and profession of being a Registered Nurse has been a passion of mine since before I really had an understanding of professional passion.  It extends from pure love of nursing to wanting to work towards the advancement and continued development of the profession. As health care continues to change and become more complicated, as the health histories of patients and the care becomes more complicated-what is needed is more professional nurses, more expert and experienced nurses, more appreciated nurses, and more driven nurses that want to be at the bedside caring for patients. The big question that I love to ask is: How do we do that? How do we create a hospital, health care, patient care setting that enables and empowers that kind of nursing to bloom and blossom. How do you find jobs at organizations that wholeheartedly believe in this culture? How do we, as nurses, demand a work and patient care culture that establishes these as an organization’s base? How do we teach new nurses to demand this for the future?

I worked for years as a travel nurse around the country and while I was traveling, driving, and moving from coast to coast I felt that I had a very solid finger on the pulse of Nursing-the job, staffing, education, workload, and patient population. The last two years I have been working as a staff nurse in Seattle at a job and in a hospital that I really love but I only feel connected to the nursing world and very specific hospital organizations within the city of Seattle- I feel very disconnected to what the job search, workload and staffing is like for nurses at the bedside in every other city, in every state in the US and the world.  There are drastic staffing and healthcare organization changes throughout the country that it is dizzying to try to keep up with- but together, on this blog and with a deeper conversation I think we can.

The vision I have for this blog is as a tool to help empower nurses working at the bedside.  I want to excite new nurses entering into the profession.  I want to be able to establish a sort of mentoring and educaton site.  It’s important to have a place to tell the stories that we all have. I think as we discuss the situations that scare us, sadden us, make us laugh, and even make us roll our eyes we build and strengthen nursing as one profession and not just a group of professionals.

My introduction to this blog sounds broad and overly ambitious but I know as the stories, conversations, and discussions come and are read-the world will narrow and those issue that are the current and most vital in practice will make themselves obvious.

As I’m typing this I’m getting more excited by the world of possibilities.

Have a good night. I’ll be back in the morning  🙂

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