I Believe….

…. in the good in people

….that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

…. in basic human decency

…. that pain is a universal language

….that nursing care is the bridge between languages

…. there are instances in which a peaceful death is the only way find solace from suffering

…. if you think something is funny….laugh

…. that the basic wants we all share are love, life, purpose, and happiness

…. that hospitals are for getting better and healing happens at home

…. that fear triggers anger

…. in the power of distraction

…. in the need for respect

…. in the importance of family

…. that being a nurse is the best and hardest job ever

…. that no question is stupid

…. in the power of teamwork

…. that giving chocolate is the best way to say thank you 🙂

…. that no man (or woman) is an island

…. experiencing a sunrise (not just seeing it) is the reward for working all night 

…. skin is the most amazing organ

…. that getting old is a gift given to very few

…. there are aspects of being a nurse that you just can’t teach

…. the money I paid for my education was worth it

…. admitting what you don’t know is a sign of maturity

…. being patient and kind isn’t always easy

…. being outspoken and assertive takes courage 

…. that the colon is my professional nemesis

….  spirituality is the common thread that connects all religions

What do you believe?


One comment on “I Believe….”
  1. That you believe good, true, and universal things!

    Agreed on all accounts!

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