Who’s in room 1

After a tough few shifts at work… I desperately needed to make myself laugh… I succeeded. We all know that laughter can be infectious… So enjoy 🙂

Night Nurse: Which rooms do you have?

Day Nurse: 1, 2, 3, & 4.

Night Nurse: Do you know any of these patients?

Day Nurse: No. Let’s just start with Who’s in room 1.

Night Nurse: Well Who is in room 2.

Day Nurse: What is the name of the patient in room 2?

Night Nurse: Who…

Day Nurse: Room 2….

Night Nurse: Who is the name of the patient in room 2.

(Call button goes off)

Day Nurse: Where is the nursing assistant? Can you have them answer Whoever’s call light that is?

Night Nurse: Where is the doctor for room 3. Whoever isn’t calling it’s Whenever in 4.

Day Nurse: So Whoever isn’t calling, Whenever needs something.

Night Nurse: That’s who’s call light it is.

Day Nurse: I though you just said Who is in room 1? But the call light for 4 is going off…

Night Nurse: No Who is in room 2. Whenever is calling but not about who… He probably needs something himself.

Day Nurse: Well let’s start with Whatever’s going on in room 1 then.

Night Nurse: Whatever isn’t one your patients. When is in 1. Another patient of Dr. Where.

Day Nurse: Where?

Night Nurse: He’s not there.

Day Nurse: Who?

Night Nurse: Where, he left @ 0400 to get sleep. Who is in there. I just saw him.

Day Nurse: Who is in room 1?

Night Nurse: No 2.

Day Nurse: Who isn’t in room 1 then?

Night Nurse: No 2.

Day Nurse: What’s the patient’s name in room 1???

Night Nurse: No What is in 3 We’ll get to him… don’t rush me. When we still need to cover.

Day Nurse: When is where?

Night Nurse: NO Where is the doctor.

Day Nurse: We are just giving report why do you need the doctor? You said he just left.

Night Nurse: I don’t need the doctor. You brought him up again. When is the patient in room 1. Here with chest pain, rule out MI.

Day Nurse: Did you tell me when he got here? I missed that.

Night Nurse: When he got here? Of course last night.. he’s a rule out.

Day Nurse: So Who’s in room 2?

Night Nurse: Yes, came in 2 days ago with an infected nail.

Day Nurse: Where?

Night Nurse: No, How…

Day Nurse: No Where?

Night Nurse: No not Where…How….

Day Nurse: Why do I care How?

Night Nurse: He’s the doctor

Day Nurse: Where’s his infection?

Night Nurse: Where’s a cardiologist and he’s not here…

Day Nurse: Who’s How then?

Night Nurse: I don’t KNOW How… His name is on the chart. What is the patients name in 3.

Day Nurse: You tell me.

NN: What?

DN: His name.. TELL ME HIS NAME!

NN: What….

DN: YES What is his name???



NN: The patient is What and is a Where patient.

DN: Where again?


I adapted this from the infamous Abbott and Costello’s Who’s on First based on an idea by a clever coworker….

Sometimes we all need to remember not to take everything so seriously and laugh 🙂

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