Happy Anniversary!

Anniversaries; 1 month, 1 year, or 50 years- they are a time to celebrate: cupcakes and candles, lovely dinners, and champagne toasts. For me, I’m celebrating the 1 year anniversary of peaceloveandnursing.com with a blog post.

When I started out on this path, I was concerned that no one would ever read my writing or be interested in this topic. And then a few months into it, I started getting scared that everyone would read it. A few blog posts have been published and made their way into magazines; it’s very encouraging. What is more exciting however, is that you read it. It melts my heart when professional colleagues subscribe to my blog and I am honored each time my writing is shared. I have learned a great deal and gotten great ideas from feedback, critques, and comments.

I have learned a lot about myself as a writer and I have learned even more about myself as a nurse. As a writer I am prone to run on paragraphs and I have to work really hard to make my thoughts eloquent or even baseline cohesive so they are readable. As a nurse, I have felt my patience increase. I have given myself an opportunity to reflect on a job I love and the people whose paths I cross everyday. Even during extremely busy and stressful weeks packed with school and work, I try really hard to find time to write and reflect. I feel lost without it now.

I see clearly the excellent team I work with every night (even when sometimes we drive each other crazy) and how that translates into excellent patient care and improved patient outcomes. I can see and appreciate the difference my approach makes when talking with families. I have gotten back to really internalizing and being proud of the job I do and taking pride in the care I provide for my patients.

I taught a nursing clinical this winter quarter and I experienced first hand the immense need for nursing empowerment. It was a true introduction to understanding the difference between cocky and empowered nurses. Its easy to see from where new nurses learn and emmulate skills of empowerment and how it translates into magnificient patient care. I saw the critical-thinking skills and decision-making abilities born from empowered nursing practice and empowered nursing educaton. These students ask questions and wait to hear the answers. They ask questions about everything and try to understand how each aswer applies to their patient. Empowered nursing students speak up, question, seek answers, and pursue learning opportunities. Best of all empowered nursing students strive to be empowered nurses.

It’s been such an amazing year and its just the beginning. Thank you for reading.


3 comments on “Happy Anniversary!”
  1. craigbrn says:

    There IS A BIG DIFFERENCE between cocky and impowered. Spent to much of my career at cocky, know everything. I was fortunate to spend time time with some REAL empowered nurses and the Docs who respect them. Changed my viewpoint and my practice.

    Thanks for sharing. It’s nice to see positive when surrounded by negative.

    1. Cocky vs empowered is a tough lesson we all learn! It’s my favorite thing to teach! Thanks for reading!

  2. Bron Watson says:

    Thanks, love it! I too am in education, and love what you have written about student nurses empowering their knowledge and translating it into outstanding patient care. This can also be said for those of us who have been in the business of health care for a while, lets appreciate, empower ourselves and those around us with the positive of what we do.

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