Why would you go to NTI?

In my 12 years of nursing practice I have been fortunate to attend NTI 5 times. Each time I have attended, it is at the perfect time in my professional career, perfect for different reasons. As a travel nurse it was the opportunity to reunite with my friends, as a staff nurse it is the opportunity to contribute to the development of my unit, and as an advanced practice nurse it is the opportunity to learn how to lead and change nursing practice. The inspiration I get through the opportunities to network, learn, and meet other leaders is inspiring. It how I learn who I want to be as a nurse, as a person, and as a leader.

This year at NTI I have had the honor to connect with professors, members of the national board, coworkers, friends, former coworkers, former managers, and new friends. As attendees, we were treated to the most amazing inspiring lecture by Brene Brown

And it is an honor to continue to share her thoughts and wisdom.

Through the wonderful experience of NTI… Today I had my flame refocused!


Why would you get a bachelors degree?

I now work at an organization that requires a BSN as an entry level degree to work at the bedside. I do not have a belief that RNs with a BSN are “better” nurses than those who have an ADN. What is important to me and what I believe education standards allows for is the creation of professional practice. All other health care professions require a minimum level of education and if the goal for nursing is to have the world see us as professionals we need to set a minimum standard for education and we need to hold ourselves to the expectation for certification and professional development.

Why do you get certified?

At a conference like NTI the conversations and discussions around the importance of being and becoming a certified nurse is everywhere. Becoming a certified critical care nurse was one of the greatest professional achievements.

I just received my Master’s in Nursing as a Clinical Nurse Specialist. Even though my current role does not require a CNS certification I am eager to hold a certification as a CNS and make the commitment to professional growth, learning, and professional development.

Why should you become a nurse?

This is the only job I have ever done. When I was 16 I started as a nursing assistant in a nursing home. Over the last 20 years I have grown, tried new things, lived in new cities, received more education, and met new people but what has been the one consistent piece of who I am and how I define myself is my work as a nurse. I am a nurse first. It is who I am and an achievement I will not let go of.

Why is it important to do all of these?

Because I Said I Would


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